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Translator Agreement

This Agreement is established between you (“You”) and Vetrush, Inc. (“Vetrush” or “We” or “Us”). Vetrush provides a service that links freelance translators (such as You) with clients that are willing to get their content and subjects translated into specific languages (the “service”).

By benefiting from the Service, you accept this Translator Agreement, the Vetrush Translator NDA, and the Vetrush Terms of Service. You may not use or involve with any existing or potential Vetrush Customers (“customers”), if You do not accept the terms of this Agreement.

You agree that You are 18 years old.

You Agree to the Vetrush Translator NDA

You agree to the Vetrush Translator NDA that is integrated into this document by reference. The NDA wants that, out of other things:

Moreover, you are required to erase and delete all the files within 30 days after the completion of the assigned work or when You no longer require them, for instance, if You denied to take the task. You are allowed to keep translated data for records and archival reasons, but may not utilize it as Your work sample or otherwise.

You accept to provide quality translation services

You must adhere to the Vetrush Quality Policy while working on the translations and comply with the quality standards and any other guidelines and requisition applied to each task. You consent to work professionally and to execute the task yourself. On the use of any sort of machine assisted translations that do not comply with the Vetrush’s Quality caliber may result in prompt termination from the job and /or this agreement without prior notice.

You accept to work with utmost consideration and in the best interest of Vetrush

Highlight jobs with problems:

There is a possibility of glitches or problems to happen in any job or in the Vetrush’s system. If you find any such problems or issues with a job, particularly to those provided to you, act smart and assist the community. Highlight the issue by using the form “Flag problems with this job” in a job’s comment section, and if needed, generate a follow-up ticket promptly. Potential “Problems” with the jobs may include:

Refrain from adding any translation in the comments:

Do not mention or add your translations in the comment section of the assigned task. Customers can use that translated content from the comment section, and refuse to assign you a job, which means you’re not going to get paid for the work you have already done.

Be prompt in responding to customers and to Vetrush:

Read the customer’s queries and comments thoroughly and with great consideration and respond them immediately, without any unnecessary delay, in a professional and appropriate method. Refrain from using any inappropriate and foul languages. Refrain from giving any false reassurances or excuses to customers and neither disclose any sort of your background information to them. In case of any conflicts, try to mediate and resolve the disputes effectively with utmost professionalism. You are required to be accessible and receptive to any customer’s and Vetrush’s queries and notifications, considering that most communication is of high-priority with a specific deadline. You reserve all the responsibility for late or failure to respond to any comments or notifications, including those that may contribute to your compensation.

Do not seal off tasks:

You are required to accept only those tasks that You can work directly on. Clients want to have their tasks delivered within short deadlines, and when you begin working on the task, no other translator can assist you or can work on your task. By accepting but without working on the job, you are exploiting and violating the service and the translator community. This may consist of but not restrict to:

Fulfilling deadlines:

You must have the required skills, time, knowledge and ability to submit the task on the given deadline while considering the job. Do not commit to a task if you are unable to complete it on the deadline. In any justified situation where you are unable to submit a job on time, you must strive to postpone or cancel the job immediately.

Vetrush will assist you to execute your Job in the following ways:

Translator/Customer disputes:

Vetrush will assess and evaluate the Customer/Translator disputes in an unbiased and just manner. Especially, the disapproved translations will be evaluated and reviewed by Vetrush employees, considering the following elements:

Immediate response to support tickets:

We will address and respond to any problems and glitches from our end, usually within a few hours. Such urgent problems and support tickets will be considered, given high priority.

Remind Clients of the limitations and responsibilities:

Vetrush will alert and advise customers who constantly waste translator efforts and time, disapprove jobs unnecessarily or demand any inappropriate or irrelevant favors. Vetrush may terminate (in its discretion) Customers who constantly exploit or abuse the services.

Time Commitment and Compensation

The Compensation rate will be informed to you on the Job details Page prior to the start of the job. You accept that Vetrush can deny, reduce or withhold Your compensation amount if:

Agreement to be paid by Vetrush supported payment methods

You accept that Vetrush will pay you all the compensation balance through its supported payment providers in US dollars. Those payment providers and methods are already mentioned on the Vetrush support page. Vetrush will not transfer funds through wire or any other transfer methods. Vetrush will not transfer payments to You unless it is requested by You. You must acquire a functional account to receive payments that are being transferred to you by Vetrush. Vetrush is not responsible for any delays in the payments if caused by payment service providers.

You accept to sign US regulatory and tax documentation

Vetrush Inc. reserves the right to make payments. In accordance with U.S federal tax law, Vetrush is obligated to request information from certain translators who receive payments from Vetrush (even if any individual is not a US taxpayer). Vetrush is also required to request additional documentation from You if needed under U.S law. All requested information and documentation will not be used for any other purposes than the fulfillment of Vetrush’s requirements under U.S law.

You accept that the translated work is the ownership of Vetrush

You agree that, Vetrush owns all the rights, possessions, title and interest in every work You provide to us, including but not restricted to all Client resources, translated content, web or online orders and translations assigned to you via emails, individually or in assistance with others, on in association with Your business with Vetrush.

Independent contractor

You agree that you are working as an independent contractor for us. This agreement shall not intend to consider you as a representative, agent or employee of Vetrush. You are not permitted to commit Vetrush with any obligation or liability or to imply that you have such power. You shall provide (or compensate Vetrush) all equipment and resources required to complete Your job, and sustain all the reasonable expenses. You are entirely responsible for notifying any funds that are needed to report, and for payment of taxes and duties on such income, such as self-employment taxes.

You are well-aware that You are not authorized to receive any company-sponsored benefits from Vetrush where benefits include, but are not restricted to, paid leave, sick or medical leave, health insurance and retirement or pension involvement. If state or federal agency or court reclassifies you as Vetrush’s employee, you will be considered a reclassified employee and will receive no benefits form Vetrush, other than required by state or federal law.

Termination, Term, Loss of Compensation

Your services with Vetrush will be operational from the day you sign this Agreement, and remain in place till the date You or Vetrush discontinues it by a prior notice. Vetrush reserves the right to terminate this Agreement, promptly, if You:

Vetrush reserves the right, in its entire disposition, to eliminate one or more levels of Your degree, permanently or temporarily hold back compensation (including for ongoing jobs), or cancel any of your incomplete tasks.


Vetrush reserves the right to make amendments or modify this agreement at any time. You must keep checking the terms routinely. If You disagree with the amended terms of the medium, You must terminate the use of our service.

This Agreement runs or directs the relationship between You and Vetrush. This agreement does not hold beneficiary rights to any third party.

If you fail to adhere to this Agreement, and we don't take any prompt action against it, it does not indicate that we have lost any authority or rights.

If any of the clauses turn out unenforceable, then the whole agreement will remain unaffected.

You are not allowed to share, transfer or entrust any of the parts from this agreement to anyone without our consent. Vetrush reserves the right to share, transfer or assign any part of this agreement without notifying You. Your action to share, transfer or pass on this Agreement without Vetrush’s permission will be considered void and null.


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