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Terms And Conditions

By using our services, you agree to the following terms. Please read them thoroughly.


Using Our Services

If You are agreeing to this TOS on account of any institute or legal body, You constitute that You have the legal authority to hold the legal body accountable to this TOS, in this case “You” or “Your” refers to that body. If you do not possess this authority, or if you disagree with the terms and conditions stated in this TOS, then you may not be applicable to use the Service or any Service related content. You constitute that you are 18 years old, or of the age of an adult considered in your place of residence or jurisdiction.

Vetrush reserves the right to cancel or terminate your access to the Service or any order if you fail to comply with this TOS with or without the notice, or if we observe any misconduct, illegal or fraudulent activities including payment, or a suspected breach of this TOS.

Vetrush has all the rights to amend, modify or cancel the Platform or Service, at any time, if necessary, for any purpose. If You are a Translator, or signing up as a Translator, this TOS is also applicable to you. Registered Translators are also subjected to the Vetrush Translator Agreement.


Account and Credits.

For initiating any Order, You are required to register yourself as a Vetrush Customer by signing up our Vetrush account. You accept to provide correct information and keep all account activities and content updated at all times. Any personal information you entered will come under the Vetrush Privacy policy.


For processing an order, Customers must purchase considerate Vetrush credits for the Services they wish to avail. Vetrush credits are nonrefundable and can be bought from here.
Gross-up calculations will be applied by Vetrush to the payment. This refers to that the funds paid to Vetrush must be cleared, without any set-off or deductions and clear and free of and without any deduction for taxation purposes, levies, duties, imports, fees, charges, and withholdings of any purpose now or in future implemented by any governmental, fiscal or other entity as enforced by the law. In case, if you’re compelled by law for any such deduction, you’re required to pay an additional amount to Vetrush to ensure full payment and to compensate the deductions.


Customers are required to provide all the information on the platform, before initiating or processing any order, including the quality level that a customer wishes to acquire for translating the material (Described under the Vetrush quality policy).

Client Materials.

When placing the Order, Customers are required to provide all the resources, guidelines and source content for translations, including all other materials and context of the translation. Vetrush will place suggestions regarding the format and context of the source materials that should be used, however, the quality of the translated content depends on the accuracy, comprehensibility and clarity of the customer provided materials and instructions.


The customer has the right to cancel any order if not responded by any translator. However, it is a rare situation for an order to remain unaddressed by any translator almost immediately after placing it. For cancelling the order, the customer can click the “cancel button” available on the portal in the Job details page. Customers can email or contact Vetrush customer support to inquire about their Order status. Once the order has been responded by a Translator, the order cannot be cancelled and no refunds or credit transfers would be made.

Delivery of Translated content.

Vetrush doesn't provide any assurance that any particular Translator would respond or address your Order. Once the order has been completed by a Translator, Vetrush will deliver the translated content to Customers as per the quality standards mentioned in the order detail description. Vetrush only provides an estimated time at which the order can be completed, however, we do not guarantee the exact time of delivery. We will email you shortly after the translated work is ready for the delivery. Unless Vetrush explicitly agrees to this, time doesn't dictate our performance and delivery, however, no delayed order will give you the authority to cancel or reject any delivery.


Customers will only have 120 hours to review the delivered translated content after a delivery notification is sent to them by Vetrush. Customers can approve the delivered content through the Platform. If the customer does not respond to the review notification within 120 hours, the order will be considered as “Approved” and the particular Translator will be paid for that task. No revisions, amendments, alterations will be provided once approved by the customers.

Considering the variations in translated work and complexity, errors are inevitable in the translated work. Customers may disapprove the Translated content within 120 hour review time, if it is justifiable, for example, if the content does not comply with the Vetrush Quality standard guidelines. For the rejected orders, our staff members will audit and review the content and revert to you within one business day of the rejection. If Vetrush identifies that the order does not comply with the specified quality standards, Vetrush will accept all the revisions and permit the order to be retranslated or rejected.

Vetrush is only accountable for correcting the errors or making refunds.


You accept to review the Translated work before publishing it publicly, and you explicitly agree that Vetrush will not be accountable or held responsible to you on the Translated work if you are unable to do so.


Vetrush reserves the right to use or seek assistance from third parties (such as Translators) for providing translation services to the Customers. In this regard, you acknowledge that Vetrush may sublicense its absolute rights to third parties as per this TOS to respond on account of Vetrush, given that such third parties are legally compelled to follow these terms and provide services as per this TOS. Vetrush has the right and authority to resolve the conflicts or any sort of dispute between Translators and third party contractors.


In order to provide you the Service, Vetrush only discloses the customer’s materials and content to potential contractors and Translators. (For example, going through the content to decide whether to accept the order) and according to the terms mentioned under Section 6 below. You are entirely responsible to eliminate or edit any such confidential information present in the Client material that you do not want to disclose.


Customers will be provided with the ownership rights to the translated work upon approval of the order and as per their compliance with this TOS.

Names, logos, the trademarks, and service marks such “Vetrush '', “myVetrush '' and “Communicate Freely '' all come under the Vetrush allocated Trademarks. This TOS does not give any right or entitlement to anyone for using Vetrush trademarks, unless permitted by Vetrush itself with a prior written permission. All the content associated with the Service is protected by the Intellectual property laws and are not subject to be copied, edited, modified, shared or distributed for any purpose.

Trademarks available on the third party content belong to their respective owners, and are not subject to be recreated entirely, or partially unless allowed by the owners itself in a written statement.

If you agree to permit Vetrush for using your Translated content as “Public samples,” you allowed Vetrush a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, binding, license to publish and feature your Client materials and any content related to Translated works for the purposes such as promotion, operation and improvement of our Services. This license shall be in place even after you discontinue using our services.

We reserve the right to use any feedback or suggestions without being accountable to you, if you have provided any with regard to our Services.

For providing the exceptional translation and language services to you and other customers, we (and third party contractors) have all the right to use your Clint Materials and Translated works to improve our services. We may use it for improving timely delivery, machine learning systems and translation quality or to produce new services by ourselves or by collaboration with third parties. However, we will not make your material and content publicly accessible in this case.


APIs or Software (“Vetrush Materials”) may also be included in the Service to provide assistance in your use of the service and is considered as a part of the service. If you prefer to use such Vetrush content, the Vetrush permits you a worldwide, personal, royalty-free, non-assignable as well as non-exclusive license to use Vetrush material and avail the advantages of using our services, as in the way allowed in this TOS. You are not allowed to make amends, modify, alter, distribute, share or sell any part of our Service or Vetrush Materials, and you are also not permitted to reverse engineer, procreate or attempt to extract the service source code or Vetrush Materials. Vetrush does not assure you the accessibility or performance of the Vetrush Material. We reserve the right to suspend your access or terminate the service at any point in time.


Customers agree and constitute that they have all the essential rights, authority, responsibility and interest in the Client Materials, and they assure that the provided Client Materials does not breach or violate any of the third party’s rights, or do not break any law, and do not consist of any offensive or inappropriate content.

The Translated tasks and Service would be delivered “AS IS”. Unless expressly stated in these terms and additional conditions, nothing in this TOS entitles Vetrush or its Translators, contractors, employees, or suppliers to commit to any particular promises related to the services. We don't make any specific promises about the content within the services, the particular purpose of the service, or their accountability, accessibility or the tendency to meet your requirements. We provide the services “As is”.

Certain Jurisdictions are mentioned for specific warranties, like the indicated warranty of merchantability, meeting for a specific purpose and non-infringement. To the degree implemented by law, WE ELIMINATE ALL WARRANTIES.


Customer will remunerate and ensure protection to Vetrush, its affiliates, existing and former directors, employee, staff members, officers from and against all claims, losses, taxes, liabilities, accountabilities, judgments, settlements, expenses, financial loses, including lawyer's fee and other legal expenditures, occurring directly or indirectly from or in relation with: 1) Customer’s violation of its obligations, warranties, or representations as per this TOS; 2) Customer’s negligence, recklessness or deliberate offensive or wrongful act or by its representative, employee, agents, contractors, or assistant; 3) if Customers fail to comply with the terms and conditions mentioned in this TOS and obligations as per all the applicable rules, laws, policies, and regulations.


Under no circumstances shall neither of the party, nor any Vetrush affiliates be accountable for any direct or indirect specific, consequential damage, or damages for loss of business or profits. However, if the damage caused, under any policy of accountability, whether mentioned in contract, tort (counting negligence) or other policy of liability, nonetheless whether either of the party was notified of any such damages and despite the failure of the crucial objective of any restricted solution. Under no circumstances shall Vetrush’s or Vetrush’s affiliates' accountability mentioned here exceed the amount paid by the customer to Vetrush during the 12 month period before the situation leading to the liability.


The State of California, USA governs this agreement. Any disputes or claims shall be resolved in the federal courts or state located in San Mateo County, California, USA.

Vetrush reserves the right to make amendments or modify this agreement at any time. You must keep checking the terms routinely. If You disagree with the amended terms of the medium, You must terminate the use of our service.

This Agreement runs or directs the relationship between You and Vetrush. This agreement does not hold beneficiary rights to any third party.

If you fail to adhere to this Agreement, and we don't take any prompt action against it, it does not indicate that we have lost any authority or rights that we are obligated.

If any of the clauses turn out to be not implementable, then the whole agreement will not remain unaffected.

You are not allowed to share, transfer or entrust any of the parts from this agreement to anyone without our consent. Vetrush reserves the right to share, transfer or assign any part of this agreement without notifying You. Your action to share, transfer or pass on this Agreement without Vetrush’s permission will be considered null and void.


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