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We speak the global language and maintain the high standard in providing legal translation services. Our services are offered, worldwide, in more than 50 languages. Our certified translators keep the original context intact and guarantee the conveyance of the authentic message.

  • right Russian
  • right Arabic
  • right German
  • right Japanese
  • right Chinese
  • right Portuguese
  • right Korean
  • right Indonesian
  • right Moroccan
  • right English
  • right French
  • right Spanish
  • right Turkish
  • right Lebanese
  • right Danish
  • right Hungarian
  • right Vietnamese
  • right Filipino

Why Choose Our Legal Translation Online?


Qualified Translators

Professional law interpreters at Vetrush ensure the deliverance of factually accurate and verified translations.


Efficient Process

With specialized legal expertise, Vetrush offers custom project teams for efficient project delivery within the specified deadline.


Best Price

Our legal translation agency guarantees the project delivery within agreed budgets and offers expert solutions at reasonable pricing.


Certified Translations

Our linguists are fully aware of diverse legal disciplines and regulatory requirements, necessary for certification, to meet the legal criteria in full.

Your One Step Solution For Legal Document Translation

Vetrush provides superlative translations at the most competitive rates in the industry. Our experts possess a decade long experience in the business and have earned several accolades and certifications before becoming a part of Vetrush family.

Our linguists reflect on several factors while translating the legal documents; they keep the source meaning intact, ensure that the interpretations are factually accurate and believe in providing only the best quality. The translations are delivered in an editable format so that you can modify content when needed.

Vetrush is amongst the largest translation providing services in the United States. We’re regarded as the first choice by global business institutes whenever top quality content is demanded at affordable rates.

With us, you get the ensuing benefits:

What Makes Us Different?

Vetrush has specifically designed its services for large business corporations and legal administrators. Each translator in our team is thoroughly examined and evaluated. Furthermore, they regularly update and test their capabilities, and that in hindsight, reflects performance management and growth.

Thus, if you’re looking for nothing but accurate translations of your critical legal documents, Vetrush is the way to go! We are not only cost-effective and vigilant, but also hold niche expertise with unparalleled experience. Our company policies are regulated and structured to make our services, instantly and easily accessible. Contact Now!


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